Archivists' Toolkit Version 2.0

The Archivists’ Toolkit team is pleased to announce the availability of version 2.0 of the AT application.

The AT client for version 2.0 can be downloaded here.

Source code and javadocs are in the developers section.

The sandbox for version 2.0 is available using the connection settings below:

* Connection URL:jdbc:mysql://
* User Name: atuser
* Password:cr4ckA1t

Logon names and passwords are the same as they are for previous sandbox versions. The usernames are “superuser,” repmanager,” “projmanager,” “advdataentry,” and “begdataentry.” In all cases, “at” is the password. Please remember that each of the five user names enables a different set of access permissions, with superuser allowing the greatest access and begdataentry the least (for more details see support/sandbox2.0).

***Please note: It is best to use the AT internal database option instead of the AT Sandbox for workshops and training purposes.

New Features:
* Revised Digital Object module, so that Digital Object records can be created and managed independent of Resource records.
* Tab-delimited Digital Object import
* Batch export of Digital Objects
* Assessment module
* New reports for Digital Object and Assessment modules
* Revision of all other reports (Names, Subjects, Accessions, Resources)
* Improved stylesheets for EAD to PDF and EAD to HTML outputs
* Bug fixes as noted in release notes

Please send all inquiries, reports, and requests for support concerning the application to the Archivists’ Toolkit User Group (ATUG-l can be subscribed to at and / or to
Based on questions from ATUG and as well as general information inquiries, we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which can be accessed here.

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports can be transmitted using the bug report function in the application.