Phase 2

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation generously awarded funding to the Archivists' Toolkit Project to support a second development phase for the Archivists' Toolkit application.

The project continued as a collaboration among the Five Colleges, Inc., New York University Libraries, and the UC San Diego Libraries. Project staff were located at each of the institutional sites.

The second development phase, a 24 month period, commenced in mid-February 2007. The second development phase, including a no-cost extension approved by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, concluded at the end of September 2009.

The second development phase had three key objectives:

1. Refine the performance and functionality of AT Version 1.0, including enriching records to support export of assessment data to the Archival Metrics group (, establishing a one to many relationship from name to name contact information so that multiple contact data can be recorded for each name, promoting digital object records to a primary level, supporting tracking of temporary locations, redesigning the subject module to include more subject types and support faceted headings, including more data entry time saver devices like the Rapid Data Entry Screen and Repository Default Values already present in Version 1.0., and supporting batch import and export processes.
2. Introduce new functionality, including support for user registration / use tracking, rights management, appraisal, and making the AT application interoperable with user authentication systems and digital repository applications.
3. Formulate and implement a business plan, in collaboration with an expert business consultant. Likely aspects of the plan will include implementing a community governance model for the application, developing a user community, and establishing an effective process for supporting use and development of the application, as well a sufficient staffing model.
4. The AT Project Team looks forward to working with the archival community in satisfying these objectives.

Requesting information: Please send all inquiries concerning the project or application to the Archivists Toolkit User Group (ATUG-l can be subscribed to at and/or to Please do not contact project staff directly via their email addresses or telephone numbers. Sending messages to ATUG-l or to will ensure that your question is responded to in a more timely manner.