Archivists' Toolkit Version 1.5

The Archivists’ Toolkit team released version 1.5.0 of the AT application in late 2008.

New Features

  • Improved searching
  • Support for multiple users of resource records (merge and transfer function)
  • Customizable Rapid Data Entry screen
  • Improved drag & drop (rearrangement) tool
  • Improved import / export of EADs
  • Support for Java 1.6

And more:

  • New stylesheets for HTML and EAD to PDF
  • Improved import/export logs
  • Intermittent 'Save' feature
  • Improved Name import process
  • Improved feedback throughout application

Requesting support

Please send all inquiries, reports, and requests for support concerning the application to the Archivists’ Toolkit User Group (ATUG-l can be subscribed to at and / or to Please do not contact project staff directly via their email addresses or telephone numbers. Sending messages to ATUG-l or to will ensure that your question or report is responded to in a more timely manner.

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