Finding Aids (PDF)

In my archives, we still need to print out a physical finding aid for each collection. In the past, I could only print out the .html version. With the new update, I find the new PDF layout for the finding aid visually pleasing. However, I notice that when it comes to the container listing it can only show roughly 4 folders per page. The reason for this is because the finding aid has every item in each series / subseries stretched out. Is there a way to squeeze the content closer together? My 10 page finding aid is now about 36 pages. I can only immagine what a 100 page finding aid would look like!

Is there anything I can do on my end to merge the content closer together to save paper?

Re: Finding Aids (PDF)

Hi, Chris,

The extra spacing was added to accommodate multiple instances. In order to eliminate this extra spacing from your output, you could revise the current PDF stylesheet if you (or know someone) who is familiar with stylesheets; continue using the html; or you could use an earlier version of the pdf stylesheet (AT 1.5.9 or earlier) if you are not concerned about multiple instances, which caused the earlier version of the stylesheet not to work.