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Dear Archivists: I would like to invite you to participate in building a collaborative web site for the integration of AT and Archon, which we are calling ArchivesSpace. We are very interested in increasing the community's presence in the development process and are planning for the site to be a place where interested parties can submit ideas, opinions, papers, etc. The domain name for has been purchased and I am currently working to set up the website. I hope to have something up and ready to show you by next week. In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to recommend to me regarding what you'd like to see on the site, please feel free to contact me.


Susan Harum
Project Director, ArchivesSpace
Building a Next-Generation Archival Management Tool

Re: available soon

Dear Susan and the AT/Archon integration team,

The SAA Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable (ATRT) Steering Committee is very pleased to hear about the development of this collaborative website to document and illuminate the AT and Archon integration process. We have been having several internal and external conversations as we look forward to the second gathering of the ATRT at SAA in August, and it is clear that there is much desire on the part of the community to be actively involved in the development and support of the AT, Archon, and their successor application.

The ATRT is in the process of setting up its own website, which will debut as soon as SAA rolls out its new content management system to support the site, which is expected to happen in May. We have heard from a number of users that they would like more and easier access to tips, tools, user manuals, and any community-developed materials that would facilitate their implementation and adoption of the tool. We envision the SAA ATRT website as a point of access to this type of community assistance and networking.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and the development team about how our efforts can best be pooled, and how we can collaboratively advance one another’s goals. We would also welcome suggestions from members of the AT about other content to include. Our contact information is below.

With best wishes,

SAA ATRT Steering Committee
Genie Guerard
Daniel Hartwig
Marisa Hudspeth
Cory Nimer
Kat Stefko