Why is it important to save my work frequently?

Saving your work frequently helps guarantee that it will indeed be saved. Just like with any other software application, unexpected events can occur- computer crashes, power outages, etc., which can cause a loss of data. If you are using the Toolkit in any type of networked installation, it is especially necessary to save your work often as network connections can timeout or otherwise be interrupted. If you leave your computer for a long time, it is likely that the connection will time out and your data will be lost. Likewise, if your computer goes to sleep and the network connections are cut off, you will lose your data. It is recommended that you save your work often and especially anytime you get pulled away from your desk.


Why is it impt to save work - what's a reasonable timeout?

Is it typical to have the application timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity? We get error messages when that happens. Is it possible to have the client control the length of the MySQL server timeout?