How do I use a new stylesheet with the AT?

First, locate the current stylesheets within the AT program directory. The file path will be something like: C:/Program Files /Archivists' Toolkit 2.0/Reports/Resources/eadToPDF

Both old and new stylesheets should have the exact same file name: at_eadToHTML.xsl and at_eadToPDF.xsl

Overwrite the old files with the new ones. It's not a bad idea to back up the default stylesheets, but these are included with the AT client so they can be retrieved by re-downloading the client, if necessary.

If the AT client is open, use the Reports drop-down option "Reload reports" to load the new stylesheets. This is located at the top title bar, in between the Setup and Help drop-down menus. This functionality is only available to high-level users. If you do not have the necessary access, you can close the AT and re-open it to reload the reports.

Test the new stylesheets by running finding aid reports.