Error when installing on Linux

When installing on some flavors of Linux the following error message can come up. "awk: error while loading shared libraries:". An AT user has posted the fix for this on his blog.

Here is an edited version.

The problem is, when you try to open and fix the .bin file in a text editor such as vi, it somehow mangles the code.

To fix the program:

  • Backed up the installer to make sure that I didn’t have to re-download.
  • Installed GHex, the Gnome Hex editor. If you’re using SUSE, you can install it with Yast. If you’re using Fedora, you can probably install it with Yum.
  • Launch GHex, Click on File, then Open, and open the InstallArchivistsToolkit.bin install file.
  • Left click on the right panel (ie. the one with characters that make sense.)
  • Click on Edit, then replace.
  • Type export LD in the right panel of the find section and #xport LD in the right panel of the replace section.
  • Click on replace all.
  • Cancel out of the replace dialog and save the file.

You should be able to run the file now. However, if you have to make this modification, you will also have to modify more of the Archivists’ Toolkit™ files in the exact same manner. I had to enter my Archivists_Toolkit directory and change both the Archivists_Toolkit and the AT_Initialize_Database files as well in order to get the program to run correctly. If in doubt about any part of the program, run that part from the command line, and watch for the results. If it fails because of this error, you will see awk: error while loading shared libraries: when it fails. If you see that, you know you need to edit the file.