Unable to import valid EAD on Windows 7 machine

If you are unable to import a valid EAD file on a Windows 7 machine, the problem could be due to local directory permissions. The application writes a file in the same directory as the source file. In Windows 7, the user needs to have explicit permission to write to the directory. If such permission is not explicit, the import will fail.

You can try placing the source EAD file and the ead.dtd on your desktop and then try to import into the AT. If this fails (or you have many EAD files to import), you need to add “Modify” right for the “User” group in order to have unrestricted admin access. This will let the AT read/write log files out of the application root: C:\Program Files\Archivists' Toolkit 2.0 (By default Windows 7 launches the AT in a restricted user context, so it can’t read/write *some* files in this location).

To modify this user setting, follow the instructions in the attached file

You can also right-click on AT program application icon in the AT Program folder and select 'Run as administrator' instead of 'Open'

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