contact information in the finding aid

Have the HTML report include the repository institution, address and contact information as entered in the repository record. Entering the information as a multipart note is needlessly labor intensive, will be repeated, and I can't seem to find a way that will actually put it into the finding aid automatically. I don't see the point in having default values if they don't appear on the generated finding aid (and frankly, I shouldn't have to have separate software to adjust the output, not with something this simple). At a location where there are different repositories within one institution, and the repositories have generic names, simply putting the repository title is not a means of identifying this institution's collections from others. Ensuring that users know what they're looking at, where it is, and how to find/contact the repository is kind of an important part. It might appear in the PDF file, but why isn't it automatically entered into the HTML document? One would think the publication information would automatically include it, but it doesn't, and I can't find anything in the guide that outlines how to put it there.

Also, why is language a required resource field? If it's a photograph collection, there's no language. This field should not be required.

Modification to HTML Finding Aid

Repository contact information has been added to the HTML finding aid in AT 2.0.
Thanks for the suggestion,