ArchivesSpace 0.6.2 Released

This week, the ArchivesSpace project team released ArchivesSpace 0.6.2, which is the last version in the application’s “alpha” phase. Since the 0.5 release, ArchivesSpace developers have enhanced or added support for the following features:
• Rapid data entry for Resource Components
• A plugin architecture for the application
• Support for Classification and Classification Term hierarchies
• Batch creation of location records
• Improved filtering for browse and search screens in both the staff user interface and public user interface
• Staff user interface improvements, including better guidance on required fields, autocomplete for long controlled value lists, moving and manipulating multiple Resource components and better linked record information
• Enhancements to the public user interface, including collapsible component lists, formatted notes, and viewing of published Accessions
• Revised import and export mappings for EAD, MARCXML and CSV data

A full list of all enhancements and bug fixes is available in the software change log. Please stay tuned for forthcoming information about testing the latest release.

ArchivesSpace 1.0 is scheduled for release in September 2013. Efforts during the rest of July and August will be focused on readying the 0.6.2 version for release as ArchivesSpace 1.0. No new feature development is scheduled between the releases of 0.6.2 and 1.0, with any changes primarily limited to high priority bug fixes or security fixes, documentation, import and export data maps, and user interface wording.

ArchivesSpace is using Pivotal Tracker to help manage development using the Scrum methodology. Community members interested in tracking the software development process may view the user stories and programming tasks prioritized for development and awaiting prioritization. More information on Pivotal Tracker is available.

ArchivesSpace Posts Frequently Asked Questions
The ArchivesSpace team has compiled and responded to questions received from the community during the last couple of months. The ArchivesSpace FAQ (located at contains questions and responses about the open source context of the ArchivesSpace project, the membership model and services, the governance structures, and about the development process.
ArchivesSpace Seeking Developer
The ArchivesSpace Developer will work closely with the ArchivesSpace Program Manager, Technical Advisory Group, coding community, and LYRASIS to support the ongoing development and releases of the ArchivesSpace application, as well as support the ArchivesSpace member community. The ArchivesSpace code base is currently hosted on Github.

The Developer will serve as the liaison between the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Group, the coding community and the ArchivesSpace Organizational Home. The Developer will play a crucial role in the ongoing development of ArchivesSpace, contributing to development, managing the code revision control systems and the issue tracking reporting system, and compiling and packaging updated releases in all supported versions. The Developer will be part of a geographically and institutionally distributed team, and as such, applications from candidates interested in telecommuting are strongly welcomed.
Please see the complete job description for a more detailed list of responsibilities, required experience, and directions for applying.

About ArchivesSpace
ArchivesSpace is open source software, and its source code is available on Github. For the technically inclined, build instructions and technical documentation are available. As a disclaimer, no technical support is currently available to software testers, but the developers are eager for early feedback. If you have trouble getting a test server running, feel free to ask for help or report problems to the ArchivesSpace Google Group email list.
ArchivesSpace is being developed by Hudson Molonglo in partnership with the New York University Libraries, UC San Diego Libraries, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and organizational support from LYRASIS.
Questions about ArchivesSpace development should be directed to the ArchivesSpace Google Group. Questions regarding membership should be directed to .
Mark A. Matienzo |
Technical Architect, ArchivesSpace