AT Digital Object Plugin (without METS ID)

This is a plugin that batch loads URIs for Digital Objects. IT accepts a flat text file with 3 tab delimited columns. See an example here:

Use this version for AT versions up to 1.7.

Created by Jason Varghese for NYU DLTS

Zip File: 
A simple plugin for loading batches of Digital Objects (version that doesn't populate METS ID)


broken link - example

The link to the example is broken. Can you please update the link? Thanks.

DO Plugin Query

Hi Christopher,

It should be possible to batch import against a resource ID.

See a sample line from the example file (

In our implementation, this is matching the "Component Unique Identifier" (e.g., wsa_1_5_11) of an Item within a Resource (Collection).

You may be looking to key off a different field to do this association. If that's the case, please realize that this plugin was a quick and dirty way of meeting our needs and doesn't yet cover a wide range of use cases. I'd be interested to hear your requirements however.

Regarding the two versions: As soon as Nathan gets back from vacation I'll discuss this with him - I think we have a single version that can replace the two versions. Because of an issue with the export logic of the current release (1.7), we needed a version that would not populate the METS ID field of the DO with the 1st element of the row. The reason: The 1.7 AT by default exports the METS ID instead of the instance URIs when creating the tags in an EAD. We needed the URIs for our downstream workflow.

Please let me know of other questions...


On Aug 18, 2009, at 3:44 PM, Christopher Curry wrote:

We're interested in using the NYU developed digital object batch importer:

However, the page gives me this information:

"It is not recommended for AT versions 1.0 through 1.7. It is recommended for AT version 2.0 and up."

Is there a 2.0 version available? I don't see it on the site.

I tried loading the plugin anyway, and found the new import option, but the import file example doesn't seem to included a resource id; does that mean it is not possible to batch import and associate the items with a resource? Our primary interest is inserting digital object references into our finding aids; does the plugin make this possible in 2.0?



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