Why should I use the AT?

  • It is open source. You can download the application for free and have access to the source code.
  • It is designed for archivists by archivists. All members of the AT team have a significant amount of experience working in libraries and archives across the United States. The team also strives to include community feedback into the design and functionality of the program as much as possible.
    It keeps your data in one place. Accessions information exists in the same database as descriptive information, and data re-use is prevalent throughout the application. Even donor information and location management is possible.
  • It makes authority control possible. The AT not only allows you to create authorized name and subject headings, thus reducing spelling and variant errors, but also enables you to see what materials in your repository are linked to those authorized headings.
  • It produces EAD with the click of a button. It also exports MARC XML, and METS, MODS, and DC records for digital objects. In addition, there are 32 different reports available within the application, each of which is customizable.
  • It is the ideal application for consortial environments. You can share your authority records with other repositories in your parent organization, thus providing data standardization at even higher levels.
  • The interface and workflow are highly customizable. Set up your own custom data entry screens, re-label the fields to your choosing and more.