AT Finding Aid Style sheets - Version 1.5.9

Version 1.5.9 of the Archivists’ Toolkit includes updated styles sheets for creation of html and pdf finding aids. These fix some of the problems we were having with handling of instance data and the creation of unopenable pdf files.

If you do not have version 1.5.9 you can add the updated style sheets to your current installation.

Replacing your current style sheets with the new ones is very simple:

  • First, locate the current style sheets within the AT program directory. The file path will be something like: YourComputer\C:\Program Files\Archivists' Toolkit\reports\Resources\eadToPdf (both old and new style sheets should have the exact same file name: at_eadToHTML.xsl and at_eadToPDF.xsl)
  • Overwrite the old files with the new ones. It's not a bad idea to back up the default style sheets, but these are included with the AT client so they can be retrieved by re-downloading the client, if necessary.
  • If the AT client is open, use the Reports drop down option "Reload reports" to load the new style sheets. This is located at the top title bar, in between the Setup and Help drop down menus. This functionality is only available to high-level users. If you do not have the necessary access, you can close the AT and re-open it to reload the reports.
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