Archivists Toolkit 2.0 Update 13 Maintenance Release

Archivists' Toolkit Version 2.0 Update 13 is available for download at Installing this release does not require upgrading (running the At Maintenance Program) for AT databases currently set to version 2.0.x.

This maintenance release targets the following high priority issues:

• Compatibility with Java 1.7 (
• Performance/major bug fix update for Assessment module (including two new fields, “User Who Created Record” and “Date of Survey”) (
• Possible fix for “cannot save duplicate record” bug ( and others)
• Bug fix for program crash if the atdbinfo.txt file is not in the correct format. (
• Update to Scripting plug-in - Mainly of interest to developers, but does contain a sample script which allows for batch search and replace of box numbers.

For instructions on the Instance Search & Replace plugin included in this release:

The bugs listed below remain open and will be addressed subsequent to this maintenance release either through a later maintenance release or through the ArchivesSpace (AT-Archon integration) project. Information about each bug, including suggested ‘workarounds’ are listed in the individual bug reports.

ART-2370 (
ART-2296 (
ART-2174 to 2178 (
ART-2086 (
ART-2081 (
ART-2073 (
ART-2070 (
ART-2068 (
ART-2011 (
ART-2006 (
ART-1980 (
ART-1973 (
ART-1958 (
ART-1952 (
ART-1660 (
ART-1571 (