ArchivesSpace team

The ArchivesSpace project is moving from a planning phase to a development phase. The development phase will lead to the public release of a new, unified archives collection management application and support for the migration of current AT and Archon installations.

As we begin this phase, we welcome two new project members. Katherine Kott will be the ArchivesSpace Development Manager. Katherine has an extensive background in multi-institutional projects, with the cultural heritage community, and with complex technology deployments in higher education. Also joining the team as the Technical Architect is Mark Matienzo. Mark was a technical consultant during the ArchivesSpace planning phase and the primary author of “A Technical Planning and Design Report”, which records the consensus achieved in the ArchivesSpace Technical Design meeting held in June 2010 ( Currently a Digital Archivist in Manuscripts and Archives at the Yale University Library, Mark will chair the Technical Review Team, oversee the programming work, and identify points of potential interoperation with related technologies.

Annie Ross (UC San Diego) will continue in her role as ArchivesSpace Project Manager. She will continue to provide support to Archivists' Toolkit and Archon users. Annie will also serve as the ArchivesSpace End-User and Systems Documentation Specialist.

Chris Prom (UIUC), Scott Schwartz (UIUC), and Brad Westbrook (UC San Diego), formerly project managers and designers of Archon and the Archivists’ Toolkit respectively and members of the ArchivesSpace planning team, will continue their affiliation with the ArchivesSpace project as members of the Technical Review team. In their roles on the planning team, the three archivists established the ArchivesSpace functional requirements and drafted specifications for 14 modules in the application ( They also continue to provide support, as needed, to Archon and Archivists’ Toolkit users.

Additional members of the ArchivesSpace team will include Joseph Pawletko, Senior Software Developer at NYU; Brian Tingle, Technical Lead in Digital Special Collections at the California Digital Library (CDL); and Adrian Turner, Data Consultant in Digital Special Collections at CDL. Joe will participate in the Data Model phase, including identifying potential points of interoperation with related projects and creating the software development RFP. The CDL will provide an independent alpha-testing and "build and release" support role, to facilitate the validation and deployment of the ArchivesSpace software -- leveraging its experience with hosting the existing applications for contributors to the Online Archive of California. Joe and Brian will also serve as members of the ArchivesSpace Technical Review Team.

Two migration facilitators will be added to the team roster near the close of this initial development phase. Nathan Stevens is slated to be the migration facilitator for Archivists’ Toolkit instances. The facilitator for Archon instances will be named at a later time.

Please visit our website, and please direct any questions to: Katherine Kott ( If you would like to join the technical discussion group, visit the group's home page at or contact Mark Matienzo, Technical Architect for ArchivesSpace at