Multiple Extent Plugin

Independent of collection size, archivists count and report on a variety of container and media types as they manage, store, and seek to understand the nature of their collections and meet preservation and access challenges.

In answer to this need, Harvard developed a two-fold approach in the Archivists' Toolkit. First, we re-labeled the AT default extent as "Primary extent." Second, we developed a plug-in* to allow multiple alternate statements of extent and labeled this "Alternate extent." The alternate extent statements have the same data elements as the default AT extent statements, but the alternate extents have a separate drop-down list of extent types. Alternate extents are not required, but multiple alternate extents may be applied to an accession or resource record.

This plugin is an extension of BYU's Multiple Date and Physical Description custom panels plugin.

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Harvard University Library
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Plugin to allow primary and alternate extent entry for accession and resource records (based on the BYU Multiple Date and Phys. Desc. plugin)