Archivists' Toolkit 2.0, Update 10 Maintenance Release

NOTE: In preparing AT 2.0 update 10 for release last week, we inadvertently introduced a bug: beginDate and endDate values were not displaying properly in resource records created using update 10. AT 2.0 update 10B, released 12/26/2010, fixes this problem and is available for download:

All institutions that downloaded update 10 (between 12/19 and 12/26) should uninstall it and replace it with update 10B (installArchivistsToolkit2_0u10B)
We apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused.
Archivists' Toolkit Version 2.0 Update 10 is available for download at Installing this release does not require upgrading of AT databases currently set to version 2.0.x.

With this maintenance release, a spell checker and support for authentication plugins have been added. The spell checker, from a third party library (, supports five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) for multi-line text fields throughout the AT application. The plugins are intended to allow authentication (not authorization) of AT users through a single sign-on system such as a LDAP directory server. As such, users login into the AT database as usual, but the passwords are checked against a central server through the plugin.

Bug fixes in the release include:

ART-2365 (Export: MARCXML for Resources and for Digital Objects): The MARCXML export for Resources and Digital Objects is now compliant with the AT export map, and no longer results inerrant MARCXML 008 encoding for items

ART-2367 (Searching of Boolean fields is awry.) The Boolean search was accepting three values: FALSE, TRUE, and NULL, and the default value is set for NULL. But it should only accept FALSE and TRUE, and the default value should be set for FALSE. When records had value set to NULL instead of FALSE, there was no way to see the difference in the interface; hence a search for “*=FALSE, would return only a portion of the desired result. The results are now congruent with the display.
The bugs listed below remain open and will be addressed subsequent to this maintenance release either through a later maintenance release or through the AT-Archon integration project. Information about each bug, including suggested ‘workarounds’ are listed in the individual bug reports.

ART-2296 Resource Identifier search problem
ART-2174 to 2178 (
ART-2086 (
ART-2081 (
ART-2073 (
ART-2070 (
ART-2068 (
ART-2011 (
ART-2006 (
ART-1980 (
ART-1973 (
ART-1958 (
ART-1952 (
ART-1660 (
ART-1571 (

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