AT Version 2.0 Update 9 - Internal Database

Archivists’ Toolkit Version 2.0 Update 9 has been released and is available at Installing this release does not require upgrading of AT databases currently set to version 2.0.x.

With this maintenance release, the Archivists' Toolkit includes support for an internal database based on HyperSQL 2.0 (HSQLDB). HyperSQL is a small, reliable, high performance database engine used in many open source and commercial applications. This internal database option allows users to evaluate the AT using a local database instead of the AT Sandbox, to establish a local database for testing purposes without installing an external backend database (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle), and/or facilitate single user environments.

Information on setting up and using the internal database option, is available in the FAQs for AT Internal Database document attached below.

The bugs listed below remain open and will be addressed subsequent to this maintenance release either through a later maintenance release or through the AT-Archon integration project. Information about each bug, including suggested ‘work-arounds’ are listed in the individual bug reports.

ART-2296 Resource Identifier search problem
ART-2174 to 2178 (
ART-2086 (
ART-2081 (
ART-2073 (
ART-2070 (
ART-2068 (
ART-2011 (
ART-2006 (
ART-1980 (
ART-1973 (
ART-1958 (
ART-1952 (
ART-1660 (
ART-1571 (

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