Archivists' Toolkit & Archon will soon be superseded by ArchivesSpace

The Archivists' Toolkit and Archon applications will soon be superseded by the ArchivesSpace application ( Support for migrating AT and Archon data to ArchivesSpace will be provided by the ArchivesSpace team.

Upon the release of ArchivesSpace 1.0 in early September, the AT website,, will remain operational for only a limited time and will no longer be supported or updated. Only the most recent version of the AT source code (AT 2.0, update 15) will be placed under preservation management. We encourage users to update to this latest version when it is posted to the AT website and GitHub. In addition, the ATUG list and the email address will cease to function after Friday, August 30, 2013.

Likewise, Archon will also soon post another maintenance release, Archon 3.21 rev-2, ( which incorporates updates required to migrate data to ArchivesSpace.

The source code for both AT and Archon will be archived and will remain publicly accessible on their respective GitHub sites ( and