ArchivesSpace update on testing version 0.4 (and ongoing releases)

The ArchivesSpace technical team has simplified the software testing process to encourage user feedback. In anticipation of the August release of ArchivesSpace 1.0, we are seeking your assistance in confirming that existing and newly available feature sets function correctly. We also welcome any feedback you have on general usability or other aspects of the software. You can now test and explore the latest release of ArchivesSpace, using one of two options below.

1) Utilize our hosted instance of the software.

We are now providing a “Sandbox” hosted instance of ArchivesSpace, so you don’t need to install anything to explore and test its features. This openly available instance will be upgraded every two weeks to reflect the latest release of the software. Please note that any data entered into this test instance will be deleted with every upgrade. Consult our Software Testing Help guide for instructions on accessing the administrative and public interfaces, to test and to provide feedback on the software. Report problems or issues you encountered, note suggestions, or send any other comments using the feedback form linked from the footer of all pages of the administrative and public interfaces.

2) Install the software, and run a locally hosted instance.

ArchivesSpace is open source software, and its source code is available on Github. If you’d like to test out the installation of the software (in lieu of using our hosted instance), build instructions and technical documentation are available. As a disclaimer, no technical support is currently available for test installations. However, the ArchivesSpace developers welcome feedback pertaining to the installation process. If you have trouble getting a test server running, feel free to ask for help or report problems to the ArchivesSpace Google Group email list.

Link to official announcement:

Kyle R. Rimkus
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign