ArchivesSpace: Collection assessment specification

At the recent SAA meeting, Barbara Aikens of the Smithsonian Institution and I (Kate Bowers of Harvard University) made an announcement to the Archivists' Toolkit/Archon roundtable. We'd like to extend that to all our colleagues.

You may already know that ArchivesSpace will not ship with an assessment tool. Because both the Smithsonian and Harvard have assessment data in the AT that we wish to migrate, as well as local assessment databases that we'd like to consolidate into a single tool, we got together to discuss our options and are hoping to develop an assessment plug-in for Archives Space.

We welcome (and indeed are hoping for) our colleagues' comments and shared wisdom. You don't need to be an ArchivesSpace user to comment, in fact, all you need to do is follow this link:

We'd really appreciate some feedback both on the features and data that go into collection assessments and improvements to the document itself. Please either comment on the Google doc or send this feedback to me at

Also, if you with to be involved in the construction of an assessment plug-in for ArchivesSpace, please contact me or Barbara.

Thank you,

Kate & Barbara